NetIX participates in RIPE 72 Meeting

NetIX Communications will join the 72nd RIPE Meeting May 23-27 in Copenhagen. RIPE Meeting gathers the Internet service community in sessions and discussions on current technical and policy issues. Team member Zsolt Papdi will represent NetIX and discuss the platform's role in the global Internet ecosystem. 

RIPE NCC or Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia is an independent membership organisation that supports the core of the Internet structure through technical coordination and enabling better operation of the Internet regionally. RIPE Meeting attendees share experience, latest developments and best practices from around the world.

NetIX provides the platform where content creators and users connect faster, cheaper, and more directly than ever. It ranks among the top 25 Internet exchanges globally. The network currently serves more than 70 members reaching more than 2,700 direct peers in 16 data centers throughout Europe, and delivers more than 200 Gbps of traffic.

To schedule meetings with NetIX at RIPE 72, please reach out to or contact Zsolt Papdi directly ( 1590 389 8785.).