NetIX, Ethernet Traffic Sharing Platform is Launched

The project provides an open medium for exchanging services globally. NetIX offers unique services for connecting businesses all over the world across Layer 2 access technology. It starts with presence in 10 points internationally and 27 Gbps traffic generated. NetIX has already connected 31 members and works in collaboration with many partners worldwide. 

“We cross connect diverse partner networks – financial institutions, content providers, carriers, internet service providers, etc. Wherever our clients are, we deliver them the connections they need to stay competitive and reach new target markets,” said Dean Belev, Product Manager at NetIX and added “Our highly-protected MPLS network and experienced engineers provide reliability our clients can count on to accelerate their business growth.”

Part of the project are services for private interconnections, internet peering and connection to and membership in Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The services will bring even higher value with more members joining the platform. NetIX offers fixed costs per port and provides network neutrality and open policy for interconnection.