NetIX Became a Reseller of LINX Services Worldwide

linx-logo1.jpgThe partnership will offer more business opportunities for NetIX members.

Now it will be easier for participants in NetIX to become members of LINX, London – the world’s largest Internet Exchange Point in terms of connected members ports (1130) and 380 000 member prefixes. NetIX will enable its clients to interconnect directly with diverse partner networks around the world, enter new target markets and deliver their services where they matter most.

NetIX was selected as a reseller because of its strong technical expertise, reliable network, innovative position on the market, and stable financial performance.

LINX generates 1.6 Terabits per second of peak traffic and has over 460 participants interconnected from around 60 countries using peering to lower costs, reduce latency, and increase resilience. This partnership will offer NetIX members cost-effective access to the Internet exchange point located in London and an easy way to expand their network and increase the IP quality.

For connecting to LINX, please contact the NetIX team!