Traffic at NetIX platform reaches 300G

NetIX is the first platform in the region that has crossed the 300G threshold after it reached 200G earlier this year. It is a huge step forward to achieve this amount of cumulative traffic exchanged in such a short period compared to other providers’ levels of traffic. NetIX is the biggest platform for traffic exchange in Eastern Europe that interconnects 17 countries in Europe and 17 IXPs.

NetIX reached 100G in 2014, and 200 G in the beginning of 2016, targeting 500G for the following year. NetIX is among the top 25 platforms worldwide offering traffic exchange services on behalf of generated capacity.

NetIX is known for its direct peerings, distributed and neutral network, open policy for interconnection and meticulous SLA. The platform NetIX can provide even a larger portion of traffic from the global internet which allows its members to connect to their business partners and target markets easier and more efficiently.