NetIX Became a Reseller of AMS-IX Services Worldwide

AMSix-logo-web.JPGNetIX members can benefit from yet another European Exchange Point

Since NetIX team is professionally involved to extend services and to give more opportunities for interconnection to its existing and potential members, NetIX reached an agreement and closed a deal for becoming a reseller of  the largest Internet Exchange Points in terms of connected members (over 590) – The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). Although based in Amsterdam, nowadays around 80% of the connected networks at AMS-IX are networks from outside the Netherlands, making it the most internationally populated local IX in the world. The total volume of traffic exchanged between members of AMS-IX is around  2.2 Tbps peak traffic over a total number of 1115 connected ports.

NetIX was appraised under a strict procedure and selected due to the outstanding network performance, strict service level agreements, professional support and good financial standing.

This will improve NetIX members network performance and help improve quality of their IP and peering services. Or they may add as well other routes to their existing peers from other IXPs, which will improve the resiliency of their network. The reseller programme of NetIX provides to members opportunity for connecting remotely to AMS-IX, keeping the same high quality of the connection, but at the same time benefiting from the better costs.

For connecting to AMS-IX, please contact the NetIX team!