NetIX participates in CANTO

NetIX Communications will join the 33rd CANTO annual conference and trade exhibition in Punta Cana, July 16-19. VP Services Dean Belev will represent NetIX and exchange experience with other leading experts in the global peering community. They will discuss new approaches to scaling up Internet infrastructure and NetIX's contribution in increasing global network coherence and security.

CANTO proves to be the leading authority in shaping information, communication and technology in the Caribbean Region and the America that gives excellent partnership opportunities.


NetIX provides the platform where content creators and users connect faster, cheaper, and more directly than ever. The network currently connects 20 other IXPs, serves more than 90 members reaching more than 2,900 direct peers in 20 data centers throughout Europe, and delivers more than 350 Gbps of traffic 


To schedule meetings with NetIX at CANTO, please contact Dean Belev directly at or +359 886 66 31 23