NetIX launches a new service - DDoS-IX

It was officially presented at the telco industry event iCU Sofia 2018 this week

Reinforcing its position as one of the leading exchange platforms globally, NetIX is now offering a new service to its customers – DDoS-IX. 

DDoS-IX is an innovative service providing a complex solution for mitigating DDoS attacks in an Internet exchange environment. DDoS-IX overcomes the disadvantages of Blackholing while keeping the traffic local.

It is based on a working and trusted platform telco networks rely on.

The regulаr DDoS attacks service is designed for the telecom industry and aims to keep their traffic clean. The DDoS- IX service is based on the telco platform, but due to IXPs different environment, the service advances in protection.

DDoS-IX is of big importance because it keeps the traffic intact in times where every bit is important and losing it affects the whole picture. This is why every business benefits from using DDoS-IX.

The importance of every bit nowadays urges all of us to be more careful with not losing any legitimate traffic.