Traffic at the Best Internet Exchange platform, NetIX, reaches more than 400 Gbps

2018-10-31 16:31:53


   NetIX is the first platform in the region that has crossed the 400G threshold. It is a huge step forward to achieve this amount of cumulative traffic exchanged in such a short period compared to other providers’ levels of traffic as the company is on the market less than 6 years. If compared with the same period last year this growth is equal to 30% more traffic than the previous year. Recently NetIX is among the TOP 20 peering platforms globally in terms of exchanged traffic levels.  

   “400G capacity is the proof that NetIX is growing and developing. Even more, the more traffic we generate, the more trustworthy we become for our partners.”, announced Dean Belev, VP Services NetIX. The achievement of 400G is a consequence of the release of 100 Gigabit ports, the connected new peers and new added IXPs and of course, of the new local IXPs in Bulgaria and in Greece. Company’s plans are to reach the 500Gbps level in Q2 2019. 

   NetIX is known for its direct peerings, distributed and neutral network, open policy for interconnection and meticulous SLA. The company is also recognized for world class direct connectivity – currently occupying 7th place globally. As a recognition, this month the company got the first prize for “The Best Internet Exchange” category at Capacity Carrier Awards 2018.