NetIX with first client connected to 100 Gigabits port

2018-11-26 13:19:05

NTX-Map-Europe-0817_2.pngNetIX connected its first 100Gbps port member – Verizon Edgecast. Thank you for your trust in us, Verizon Digital Media!

The new 100G option let NetIX members to utilize the full scope of the provided services, all in one place.

The upgrade of the biggest European nodes of NetIX to 100 Gigabits started July this year. The deployment of 100 Gigabit ports is part of the company’s long-term progress plan, aiming to respond to users’ higher needs. NetIX also aims to maintain its first place as „The Best Internet Exchange platform”, according to Capacity Media, announced last month.

Currently, 100-Gigabit ports are available in Frankfurt, Bucharest and Sofia, with more cities to join the network shortly.