Global Internet Exchange IPv6 Service is now on

NetIX is ready for the next-generation services

NetIX continues to put efforts in providing its existing and potential members with good quality services and improved efficiency. One of NetIX services, the Global Internet Exchange (GIX) is now IPv6 enabled.

One year after the World IPv6 Launch the global use of IPv6 has more than doubled for a third straight year. More information on how the IPv6 World is available at

With the IPv4 address space exhaustion, IPv6 is now vital to business continuity. Since the address space used by the IPv4 version of the Internet protocol is expected to run out in the next years, switching to IPv6 is a milestone for every business. Each endpoint on the Internet - a computer, a mobile device, or a TV set - relies on a unique IP address to communicate and as their numbers grow, we need more addresses so they can all stay connected.

The IPv6 GIX service is created to exclusively meet the demands of high-bandwidth carriers, such as Internet service providers, telecom operators, and content providers by providing additional value and enhanced performance.

To test and order the IPv6 GIX service, contact theĀ NetIX team!