NetIX team will be at European Peering Forum next week

Reykjavik_2.pngThe event will gather the peering managers in Europe on September 9-11 in Reykjavik.

NetIX team will be in Reykjavik to meet partners and finalize agreements with members, who join the Global Ethernet Platform in order to increase their direct peering connections and expand their business opportunities.


To check how you can benefit from NetIX, please use the two specially designed tools, available on the NetIX web page: 

Calculator → The GIX Calculator shows you the approximate number of ASs directly visible through NetIX GIX service and the extra peers you will gain by joining the Platform. 

Monitoring → The monitoring tool provides up-to-the-minute information how the NetIX network performs based on three metrics, collected dynamically – round-trip delay, packet loss and jitter.

To appoint a meeting with us, just drop a message to

NetIX is a platform for sharing Ethernet traffic that creates a unique environment for participants to easily exchange services and reach their target markets, key clients and partners. The platform has increasing value in time - as more members join it, more peering and service exchange opportunities arise.

AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, Netnod and Equinix will host the 8th European Peering Forum (EPF) in Reykjavik. The event will welcome up to 225 peering managers and coordinators from networks connected to the host Internet exchanges.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Reykjavik! 

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