Traffic at NetIX platform reaches 100G

The company is among top 20 European platforms for traffic exchange


NetIX is the first platform in the region to reach 100G and that was achieved in less than a year and a half from launch. This is very short period compared to the rest of the providers in the region who even after five to seven years from start have not managed to reach that level of traffic. NetIX is now among the top 20 European platforms offering such services, in terms of traffic generated through its network. 

“We all threw a lot of efforts to achieve the 100G in this short period of time,” said Dean Belev, Product Manager at NetIX and added, “Our focus will remain the same – to increase the services quality by reaching new markets internationally and add new directly connected networks. Our next target is the United States and soon we will add members there.” 

NetIX provides not only an option for traffic exchange but it facilitates its members in exchanging services with one another. The company gained quickly a lot of members due to its 11 points of presence in Europe, where they can get connected. NetIX is known for its network neutrality, open policy for interconnection and meticulous SLA. After the milestone of the100G NetIX can provide even a larger portion of the traffic from the global internet which allows its members to connect to their business partners quicker and more efficiently.