NetIX Will Protect Its Members Networks from DDoS Attacks

The platform is one of the very few that provide an option for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection

Following the growing need for protection from DDoS attacks, NetIX introduces an option for its members to secure their network, business and customers. Very few platforms for traffic exchange provide such services. DE-CIX and MSK-IX are from the largest providers and the only ones that offer protection from DDoS attacks.

NetIX service mitigates the effects of DDoS attacks against the platform members, using customer-triggered blackholing. The mitigation mechanism allows the member to filter the incoming malicious traffic at the time of the attack, so blackholed traffic could never reach the member's port.

“NetIX will create a portfolio of services for DDoS protection. We are currently working on a similar service that will even protect the participants from attacks coming from the outside the NetIX network,” said Dean Belev, Project Manager at NetIX.