NetIX operational in PoP Kiev

NetIX network has reached Kiev,UA

As a Global Platform for sharing of traffic and data transfer, the network growth and expansion is a constant process in NetIX. Effectively, from the middle of August 2014, the new PoP in Kiev (located in NewTelco facility) is operational and serving new connections. This presence will bring new, unique and interesting content to all NetIX GIX members by interconnecting new networks from the UA region.

The route that connects Bucharest and Kiev is the shortest one possible, enabling the traffic from UA to avoid the long path through Frankfurt on its way to the Balkans.

NetIX is a platform for sharing Ethernet traffic that creates a unique environment for participants to easily exchange services and reach their target markets, key clients and partners. The platform has increasing value in time - as more members join it, more peering and service exchange opportunities arise.

In order to add more and more value for its members, NetIX team will visit Kiev to finalize agreements with local potential members and partners. The meetings have been scheduled for 8 September through 11 September.

Schedule a meeting with us in Kiev or check how can gain a benefit out of this new NetIX presence by sending an email to: