NetIX with a new PoP in Bratislava, SK

NetIX network has reached Bratislava, Slovakia.

As a Global Carrier Class Ethernet Exchange, NetIX is growing and expanding permanently. Since March 2015, the new PoP in Bratislava is operational and ready to serve new members. This PoP is a next step in our strategy to bring new, unique and interesting content to all NetIX GIX members by interconnecting new networks from the CEE. 

NetIX will continue to create a unique environment for participants to easily exchange services and reach their target markets, key clients and partners all around the globe. The platform has increasing value in time - as more members join it, more peering and service exchange opportunities arise.

We are currently developing new PoPs around Europe. Stay in touch with us to understand where is our next point of presence.

If you need more information about NetIX, do not hesitate to contact us at