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    ACC 2022 (Asian Carriers Conference)

    ACC 2022 (Asian Carriers Conference)

    19th - 23rd September 2022

    ACC is back - and this year might be the best one yet. As the leading telecommunications event in the Asian region, the ACC is attended by industry professionals to learn, network, and collaborate with a community of top consecutives, leaders, and experts from all over the world.

    This year, the ACC will be making a big splash in the industry by coming back in person and better than ever. Enter our new venue, one of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations - Boracay, an island in the western region of the Philippines.

    ACC 2022 is where innovation meets opportunity. This is the space where industry leaders learn to adapt to new trends, collaborate with top industry minds, and conquer new heights. This is the year to make your mark at ACC 2022.

    Get involved on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #ACC2022

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