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    Access the NetIX network from any one of our 220+ on-net data centre locations to enable any of our network-enhancing solutions. 

    Even if you're unable to reach us via a physical cross connect, you can utilise our Tunnelling over Internet or Bilateral VLAN over IXP and connect to us remotely.

           220+ Global Points of Presence (PoPs)          100+ cities

           35+ connected Internet Exchanges                6 continents

           10,000+ direct visible networks                     65 countries 

    Primary PoPs = Turn up within four days
    Secondary PoPs = Turn up within four weeks

    We are more than 'just' an Internet Exchange


    We provide point-to-point/multipoint connectivity between all 220+ on-net global locations.


    Grow your network quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with NetIX.

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