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    How will you benefit?

    • You’ll have access to a broad selection of content creators that without the NetIX platform, you may not have been able to access
    • You’re in control - using our self-management portal, you can select who you receive content from
    • You don’t need to invest in additional equipment for receiving channels
    • Your content is safe - apply different access settings for users in your company using the self-management system 
    • Expand your content supplier portfolio easily - connect to new content in the NetIX marketplace
    • You can turn up your service straight away - activation takes one day without need for access cards or receivers
    • A single NetIX port has enough capacity to carry all your channels

    NetIX A/V Stream Feed Technical Specifications

    • A separate port will be required for A/V solutions to be provisioned
    • Web based Provisioning System with authorized access.
    • Notification of problems, registration and recommendation for resolving them.
    • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered

    Combine your A/V Stream Feed service with the our DDoS mitigation solutions; protect your network - and reputation - with our Blackholing and Smart Blackholing solutions!

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