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How will you benefit?

  • Hand off as much regional traffic as you like with other members at the IX which will reduce your transit costs
  • No need to deploy equipment - just take a cross connect in a mutual PoP on to the NetIX network and we do the rest
  • CDNs are able to get as close as possible to the eyeballs as traffic is exchanged directly with all NetIX members, IXPs and other CDNs
  • ISPs will be able to save on their transit costs and instead hand off most of their traffic to other NetIX members through On-Net
  • Reduce your latency times because you’ll be peering and getting all the local routes from our IXs.
  • It’s a super scalable solution - we can upgrade your commitment in 24 hours!

NetIX owns and operate three of its own IXs

  • Meshed, Layer 2 platform
  • Both IPv4- and IPv6-peering enabled networks are supported
  • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered
  • You can select your own peering policy; open, selective, or restrictive.


Access any of our regional IXPs via one of our connectivity solutions - you can access the NetIX platform throught he public Internet if you don't want to invest in an expensive build out.

Discover how your network could benefit by joining one of our own Internet Exchanges; fill out the form below and a NetIX team member will be in touch soon!

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