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How will you benefit?

  • We operate in a ‘set it and forget it’ manner; once you’ve defined your DDoS threshold on your network, you don’t have to think about it again; it’s monitoring your traffic and will kick in automatically when needed
  • Smart Blackholing is automated and works 24/7 - most DDoS attacks happen during the night when you may have fewer Network Engineers on-site to manage an attack
  • Stopping all traffic enables networks to keep on performing - your customers and eyeballs won’t even notice there’s been an attempted attack on your network

Smart Blackholing Technical Specifications

  • NetIX Smart Blackholing service is available for members running both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP sessions with the Route Servers.
  • BNv4:
  • BNv6: 2001:67c:29f0::9999
  • MAC: a0f3.c170.99a8
  • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered

Combine this Smart Blackholing service with access into the Global Internet Exchange (GIX) for the ultimate protected connectivity solution! With the GIX you can access over 8,000+ networks with just one port and cross connect!

Discover how your network could benefit by deploying our Smart Blackholing service. Fill out the form below and a NetIX team member will be in touch soon!

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