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How will you benefit?

  • You’ll be accessing the most transparent traffic; only traffic from other NetIX members - no external routes, no third parties
  • All routes are direct routes via the NetIX On-Net platform - you’ll benefit from low latency paths across the entire network
  • You won’t have to deploy expensive equipment - just take a cross connect in a mutual PoP to access the NetIX network.
  • CDNs are able to get as close as possible to the eyeballs as traffic is exchanged directly with all NetIX members, IXPs and other CDNs
  • ISPs will be able to save on their transit costs and instead hand off most of their traffic to other NetIX members through On-Net
  • As more networks join On-Net, the service will improve because you’ll have more members to exchange traffic with but you won’t have to pay extra
  • It’s a super scalable solution - we can upgrade your commitment in 24 hours!

NetIX On-Net Technical Specifications

  • Meshed, Layer 2 platform
  • Both IPv4- and IPv6-peering enabled networks are supported
  • You connect directly into the two NetIX Route Servers
  • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered
  • You can select your own peering policy; open, selective, or restrictive.
  • We provide the needed BGP communities

Interested in NetIX On-Net but not present in any of our on-net data centres? Complement this solution with our Tunnelling over Internet solution and access routes from 180+ members.

Discover how your network could benefit by joining the NetIX On-Net community. Fill out the form below and a NetIX team member will be in touch soon!

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