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    NetIX has expanded its network to Singapore!

    Benefit from any NetIX service and connectivity to 220+ data centres directly from Singapore, or connect directly into Singapore using your existing NetIX service.

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      Capacity Europe 2022

      18th - 20th October 2022

      Neven Dilkov, Chris Harper, and Edgar Navarro will be attending Capacity Europe in London this year.


      From any of our 200+ global enabled locations, you can connect into the NetIX platform and access any other data centre, 30+ IXPs, and many other network-enhancing services and solutions without the need for multiple contracts and VLANs.

      Did you know that over 60% of the world's biggest 25 ISPs are NetIX members? We can add 9,000+ peers to your network literally instantly to improve your ranking and reach.

      NetIX makes global connectivity easy.

      Get in touch today and arrange a meeting for #CapacityEurope by contacting [email protected]


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