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    Capacity Middle East 2023

    7th - 9th March 2023

    Meet with Neven Dilkov and Wael Hasan at Capacity Middle East in Dubai to discuss:

    Global peering across 30+ IXPs
    Global connectivity between 200+ data centres in 65 cities and 55 countries
    DDoS protection / mitigation services
    + many more network-enhancing solutions.

    Also, if you're not looking to take services directly from us, why not become a reseller? You may advertise and sell our network reach and services as your own and benefit;
    If you're a data centre, you can become 'NetIX-enabled' and connect your tenants/customers to any place/IXP we have on-net so you can be their sole service provider and keep everything in house!
    If you're a network service provider, you can become 'NetIX-enabled' to offer global connectivity - for example if you operate purely in the UK, via one cross connect in the UK on to NetIX's network, you can sell services to Brazil, France, Italy and many more locations so your customers don't look elsewhere for their connectivity. 

    Click here to arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your options!

    Click here to visit the Capacity Middle East website.



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