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    Sem nome - Expansão para a Turquia

    Desculpe. Disponível apenas em inglês.

    Disclaimer: The name ‘Company A’ has been used in this case study purely to help its readability. Whilst the services, solutions and benefits are real, the name ‘Company A’ is completely made up.

    Who are they?
    Company A is a global edge cloud-computing, networking and application delivery service provider with offices in the U.S. and across Asia. Businesses use Company A’s platform in order to get closer to their end users so they can enjoy an enhanced digital experience.

    How did they hear of NetIX?
    Company A is well-known in the telecoms industry and over the years its team got to meet NetIX’s team at various telecom events. Whilst NetIX has a global presence, it's very well-known across Western, Central and Eastern Europe; Company A got in touch with NetIX to see if other connectivity services - not just peering - could be provided whilst also helping them grow their network reach into new regions so they were better positioned to serve their customers’ needs.

    The challenges -
    Company A received an RFP (Request for Pricing) from one of their key customers - a video-sharing social media platform. Unfortunately, Company A, wasn’t able to provide any one of the four elements outlined in the RFP - however, no-bidding the request was not an option. 

    Company A quickly needed to find a provider who could offer a solution for all the requirements: colocation in Turkey, connectivity between Turkey and other European hubs with scalable and flexible local access capacity. The latency on all the routes needed to be supported and protected with strict SLAs and be available as a white labelled service. 

    Company A needed to be able to 100% trust the service provider they chose; their reputation and the service one of their key customers was going to receive was in a third party’s hands and Company A needed to know it was safe.

    Company A needed a provider that could complement their existing network - they didn’t want to have to redesign anything or purchase different hardware - they wanted the service to be delivered across a network that could fit into their existing set up.

    The solution -
    Company A knew NetIX through industry events and decided to reach out after confirming their presence across Europe and Turkey from their website’s network page. 

    Some data centres only allow a certain number of racks to be purchased in one transaction if the company is new to a market to protect their assets; Company A is not as well-known as NetIX across Europe, however, through working with NetIX, they were able to piggyback off of their global presence, reputation and buying power and were able to buy multiple, lockable racks in Turkey. The lockable racks ensured that no one without specific permissions would be able to tamper with Company A’s customer equipment - this is a key point that advertisers and investors have outlined in their suppliers’ standards.

    NetIX and their connectivity partner, Neterra, operate a meshed network which offers a naturally protected and resilient connectivity service. As Company A’s customer is a video-sharing platform, resiliency and low latency are key; jitter and packet loss is unacceptable and would negatively impact the platform and could interfere with their users’ advertising contracts, let alone damage Company A’s reputation as a service provider. 

    NetIX’s network connects Istanbul to more than 70 other European data centres including key cities like Frankfurt, Madrid, London, Athens, Zagreb, and Bucharest which has helped the customer be as close as possible to its end users. NetIX’s network offers total flexibility allowing capacity to be easily turned up between the customer’s enabled locations with 24 hours notice enabling the video-sharing platform to be proactive when usage increases.

    The result -
    Company A’s customer has been thrilled with the service they receive from us via their supplier. 

    Since the NetIX solution has been implemented, they have observed a significant improvement in their network - namely the reduction in both latency and faster network reaction times.

    If Company A grew their own network to reach each location their customer was looking at expanding into, it would’ve cost tens of thousands of Euros in expensive hardware, data centre fees like remote hands (as travelling has its own issues in 2021) and cross connects, and purchasing approved capacity. By utilising NetIX’s award-winning network and platform - all these painful costs have been avoided and instead, only one cross connect and port was needed - the rest of the solution could be turned up on NetIX’s existing network.

    Coming to NetIX for this solution has also saved Company A hundreds of man hours by not needing individual contracts, agreements, ports and cross connects for each new location and data centre service.

    Company A’s confidence in NetIX and its services has allowed them to expand their search for new customers - no longer are they restricted to the locations where their network is already - they are now able to look for new customers wherever NetIX’s network reaches.

    "Empresa A" - Estudo de caso sem nome - Expansão na Turquia (Apenas inglês)

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