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    How will you benefit?

    • Stop DDoS attacks before they reach your network
    • Once enabled, the Blackholing service is always ready to be activated and help stop a DDoS attack
    • Save your team time by outsourcing the DDoS mitigation and rely on the Blackholing solution instead

    Blackholing Technical Specifications

    • NetIX Blackholing service is available for members running both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP sessions with the Route Servers.
    • BNv4:
    • BNv6: 2001:67c:29f0::9999
    • MAC: a0f3.c170.99a8
    • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered

    NaWas via NetIX

    NetIX has launched a new partnership with NaWas to make their DDoS mitigation and data scrubbing solution available to any location over the NetIX network.

    "With the combined NetIX and NaWas solution, networks can connect and scrub their traffic even if they’re not at a NaWas-enabled facility just through becoming a NetIX member.” - Dean Belev, VP of Services at NetIX.

    By connecting to the Dutch non-profit initiative for detection and mitigation of DDoS traffic, NBIP/NaWas, through the NetIX platform all your traffic will be scrubbed, cleansed and then redelivered back to you.

    Removing all threats of malicious attacks, you can let your network run smoothly without worrying your reputation - or your customers' business - could be damaged. 

    Click here to discuss the NaWas service via NetIX platform with the team today!

    NaWas via NetIX partnership

    NaWas via NetIX partnership

    Combine this Blackholing service with access into the Global Internet Exchange (GIX) for a safe & protected connectivity solution! With the GIX you can access over 10,000+ networks with just one port and cross connect!

    Discover how your network could benefit by deploying our Blackholing service. Fill out the form below and a NetIX team member will be in touch soon!

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