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    How will you benefit?

    • Through this single cross connect, you can access every one of NetIX’s solutions
    • A PPI will save your team time; the NetIX team is responsible for the interconnection process 
    • NetIX has over 200 members with many major global network brands

    Technical Specifications of PPI:

    • We coordinate and build the physical connection for you
    • Copper interconnections are at certain sites only
    • Single mode fiber is offered at all NetIX sites
    • Multimode fiber is offered at certain sites only.
    • You’ll be kept up to date with every step during implementation; you’ll receive notifications upon initial registration, occurring problems, and recommendations for resolving them
    • 24/7 NOC for round the clock support and fully SLA-covered

    Combine this service with our Global Internet Exchange (GIX) solution and access 10,000+ ASNs over your connection into the NetIX platform.

    Discover how your network could benefit by ordering a PPI across the NetIX platform. Fill out the form below and a NetIX team member will be in touch soon!

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