GIX Calculator and Live Monitoring of the Network

NetIX Introduces Breakthrough Tools for Telecom Services Evaluation

NetIX, the Global Ethernet Platform for sharing of traffic and data transfer, announced today that they have created and introduced two unique tools, that allows those interested  - Network Operators, customers, or simply curious persons, to see the value and the direct benefit of the NetIX Platform.

The NetIX Global Internet eXchange (GIX) Calculator - estimates the value of the NetIX GIX service even before a real test has been run. The tool calculates the approximate number of Autonomous Systems (AS'es) directly visible through the NetIX GIX service and the extra peers the customer's AS will gain by joining the Platform. The tool helps the estimation of the expected traffic volume through the target company's NetIX Primary Port. 

The NetIX Live Monitoring – provides a real-time information on the performance status of the NetIX network based on three metrics, collected dynamically – round-trip delay, packet loss and jitter. Values are displayed together with their Warning and Critical levels for comparison. Data from every NetIX switch in every NetIX PoP is available live and stored for network performance analysis. The visual pane has a hierarchical structure with three levels of monitoring: a) city-to-city; b) Node-to-city; c) Node-to-Node.

Designed and implemented by the NetIX's technical savvy, both tools are easy to work with and their results are easily and accurately interpreted. 

The tools are open to the public.