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    What is an Internet Exchange?

    An Internet Exchange (IX, sometimes Internet Exchange Point, IXP) is a physical piece of equipment usually housed within a data centre, where companies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and other networks connect and exchange Internet traffic (data) with each other. IXs route traffic between its members’ networks, and this exchange of data is called peering.

    The equipment, infrastructure and running costs of IXs is shared between its connected members through membership fees (and these membership fees are far less than it’d cost to send this data using IP Transit! – just one reason as to why networks peer!)


    What does an Internet Exchange do?


    A route that sends you across to another city and back again to visit your neighbour is not the quickest nor most efficient way to get there. When this happens in traffic routing, it’s referred to as ‘tromboning’ or ‘hairpinning’. For Internet traffic – it may not just be another city - it may even be another country - this causes delays, and no one likes delays; delays cause financial losses, bad quality connections, and may harm reputations.

    Historically, all networks functioned like this in hub - and -spoke architecture. IXs remove this excessively long journey by exchanging traffic closer to the users (“peering”) which keeps traffic local and removes delay!

    Benefits of hosting your own Internet Exchange

    • Competitive differentiation: Data centers differentiate themselves from competitors and attract new customers who value interconnection services.
    • Increased revenue: Data centres can generate additional revenue through interconnection fees charged to the participating networks which can be a significant revenue stream.
    • Improved network performance: Data centers can provide access to a high-speed, low-latency interconnection platform to their customers, which can improve network performance and reduce latency, which is particularly beneficial content providers, cloud service providers, and financial institutions.
    • Enhanced customer experience: Customer satisfaction is improved as they receive faster and more reliable access to online services and applications for their end users.
    • Improved network security: By providing a centralised point where networks can exchange traffic securely, this reduces the risk of security threats and improves overall network security.
    • Contribution to the growth of the Internet ecosystem: Facilitating the exchange of traffic between networks, promotes innovation and drives economic growth in the technology sector.



    The IXaaS solution with NetIX


    NetIX offers two highly flexible IXaaS solutions to suit different requirements depending on end goals; for existing IXPs we can help enhance and improve your exchange through our technical and commercial expertise, and for those wanting to start an exchange from scratch we’re able to help every step of the way.

    Using our list of more than 60 individual IX elements, you can cherry-pick and design exactly how you want us to help you grow your Internet Exchange. From purchasing hardware to network configuration and monitoring tools, NetIX is there for you.

    NetIX knows peering

    Let us help you navigate this world.

    We have identified 60 separate elements that make an Internet Exchange. You can cherry-pick the exact elements you want to totally customise the way you want to build your IXP with our expert team ready to help and guide you.

    This means there are 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 different ways you can use our IXaaS service, but we know that's daunting, so we've outlined ten key areas that create an IXP, and sitting within these are the 60 separate elements.

    1. Layer 2 Equipment - Switches

    2. Layer 3 Equipment - Routers

    3. Route Servers (RS)

    4. Network Infrastructure Monitoring

    5. IXP Admin Panel - IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility 

    6. Website

    7. Training Sessions

    8. Content to the IXP

    9. IXP Services - Product Management

    10. Extra Services - Reselling Model, Business Model/Plan, NOC Support, etc

    How will you benefit?

    • Become a trailblazer in peering in your own region
    • Benefit from advertising the NetIX name and attract your own members with our brand
    • Offer all NetIX solutions to your IX customers as an add-on service
    • Options to have a white label solution, or NetIX-branded solution
    • Experts in local, regional and national exchange platforms
    • Be a part of the NetIX ecosystem
    • It’s a super scalable solution - we can upgrade your commitment in 24 hours!


    IXaaS Technical Specifications will vary depending on what selections you make from our extensive 60+ point list!

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