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    NetIX has expanded its network to Singapore!

    Benefit from any NetIX service and connectivity to 220+ data centres directly from Singapore, or connect directly into Singapore using your existing NetIX service.

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      Welcome to NetIX: home of the Global Internet Exchange

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      Just announced:

      NetIX launches its first Primary PoP in Singapore!

      Speak with the team today about our services available directly from Singapore, or accessing this newly on-net country from your exisitng NetIX connection.

      What do we do?

      We operate an exchange platform that sits on top of a global network.

      We allow ISPs, network operators, content providers, and other networks to interconnect their networks and exchange their Internet traffic across our global platform.

      We offer a range of network-enhancing connectivity services including layer 2 ethernet between over 220 global locations across 100+ cities, peering at over 35 Internet Exchanges, and our unique, award-winning GIX service which blends the routes from these 35+ IXPs and delivers them all via one cross connect.

      Using NetIX will; increase your network performance; save you money; improve your service quality; increase your network visibility; allow you access to a wide range of networks.

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      Explore our global reach
      Explore our global reach

      Discover our massive network of over 220+ global Points of Presence.

      Access our full portfolio of services from any on-net location and unlock the power of NetIX on your network.

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      Key facts and figures

      220+ PoPs

      200+ members


      100+ cities

      65 countries

      6 continents


      35+ connected IXPs

      10,000+ direct visible networks

      Key facts and figures

      Our awards and accolades

      Do you want to benefit from connecting to over 35 IXPs and access over 10,000+ networks directly?

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