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    CC-Telco Infrastructure Summit (TIS) 2023

    CC-Telco Infrastructure Summit (TIS) 2023

    21st - 22nd September 2023

    Parco deo Principi Grand Hotel & Spa, Rome, Italy

    During this event, Neven Dilkov, NetIX founder and CEO, will be taking part in two panel discussions to share his knowledge, expertise, and thoughts. If you are unable to join these panels physcially, they will be streamed live:

    Thursday, 21st September, 2pm.-2:40pm (local time)
    Topic: Internet Exchanges and neutral colocation
    - IXPs and natural disaster response
    - Working towards enabling environments and Cloud Platforms
    - The role of IXPs for enterprise    
    - How can peering  at a local internet exchange can lead to the improvement customer experience?
    - How can a reliable peering ecosystem ensure increased network resilience?
    - What are the key driver of the current growth of IXP in the region?

    Friday, 22nd September, 11:35am - 12:30pm (local time)
    Topic: New Business Models to meet cables and ISPs future connectivity and digital demand 
    - Looking into new business models 
    - Addressing the future market demands 
    - Next generation planning in digital era 
    - How do you judge success for your investment in the system? 
    - How to meet ISP current and future capacity and connectivity demands?
    - Different partnership models between ISPs and capacity providers 
    - How do Submarine cable operators design their business plans to meet ISPs current and future demands?
     - What do the ISP require from governments to meet their capacity demands? What is the role do content providers/ OTTs?
    - The current state of terrestrial networks and non-terrestrial network (NTN) platforms – 
    such as HAPs and LEO satellite constellations - technical challenges still to be overcome and opportunities to exploit

    Discover the solutions and services NetIX offers to help improve and enahnce your network, from point-to-point/multipoint connectivity, to award-winning global peering services, and colocation in four wholly owned data centres.

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